Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Grandma's 90th Birthday

In May, my grandma turned 90. My aunt and uncles decided that turning 90 was an important milestone, so they decided to throw her a big birthday party. With my dad and mom in Africa, and all their children living at least a 12 hour drive away, Grandma figured none of us would be able to attend. But my brothers and sisters decided to travel from Long Beach, Philadelphia, San Antonio and Utah to Lethbridge, Alberta to surprise her. I think you can see from her expression that we succeeded!
After a delicious lunch with many cousins I haven't seen in a while, we got to pose with the birthday girl.
Back row: Kirk, Tyler, Kevin and Drew
Front row: Shannon, Kendra, Grandma, Amy, Heidi

The party was lots of fun. My grandma and grandpa have lived in Lethbridge for many years and are very involved in church and the community. There were so many people who came to see my grandma and tell her how much they love her. Lots of people came up and told me mischevious stories about my dad when he was a kid.
After the party, we headed over to the cemetary to see grandpa's headstone.
Then we went to another FABULOUS Lethbridge hangout, Bridge Valley Golf. My grandpa and grandma own this small golf course. It was always fun to visit the golf course as a kid and hit balls on the driving range (trying to see who could also hit the tractor that collected the balls) and more important, get a free soda and candy from the snack shop. Grandpa always had a sweet tooth, and always made sure his grandkids were treated right! We got a few buckets of balls and had fun!
Tyler, making it look easy.

Kendra is stylish doing ANYTHING.
I took a few shots, having NO CLUE what I was doing.
She's still got it at 90!

More shots from the golf course:

Why Bridge Valley Golf got it's name.
(I lifted this picture from my brother, who is a much better photographer than I am.)

My grandma is an incredible woman. She has been such an incredible example of hard work while having fun, love and kindness. Love you grandma!

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