Saturday, May 3, 2008


In February, my brother Kirk and his family came to Southern California to go to Disneyland. I'm sure they had lots of fun, and if they started a blog (hint hint) we could all read about their adventures (hint hint) and see pictures from their trip (hint hint). Until then, my pictures will have to do.

By Saturday, they were ready to take a break from Disneyland, so we decided to meet at the beach and hang out for a bit. Now, the weather in Southern California is great, but it was February, so it was overcast and chilly. As we were leaving the house, I wondered if I should grab swimsuits and towels or at least a change of clothing. But it was so cold, I decided against it. The kids wouldn't want to swim in 60 degree weather, right?

Why did I not remember every single trip to the beach from when I was a child in San Francisco? No matter how cold it was, we ALWAYS ended up soaked from head to toe. And this trip was no different. They started out playing "chicken" with the waves, but within a few minutes, they were in. It was fun for awhile, but then the reality of the cold water and wind hit and the fun quickly turned to cold, wet, unhappy kids. Beach trip over!

Fortunately, Allison had snuck her swimsuit on underneath her clothes, so she had something dry for the drive to Target to grab some new clothes for Nate & Sarah so we could go out to dinner for Jake's birthday. We went to "Joe's Crab Shack" and my kids will swear it is their new favorite restaurant. I was impressed with the playstructure they had next to the outdoor dining area. Seriously, the best idea a restaurant has EVER had!

After the meal, Jake got the birthday treatment from the singing, choreographed dancing waitresses. He was a good sport about the whole situation.

It was time to say goodbye to the Livingstone's and Murdock's. We had a great time with you! Come back soon!


heidizinha said...

now we just have to pressure him to add content!

Amy Jorgensen said...

Love the pictures. Everyone is so grown up! We HAVE to get together this summer. Will you promise to come up and see me while I'm in Utah?

darcie said...

Wow, all the kids look so different from the big reunion! They are all so grown up already and they change so fast! It looks like Jake had a happy birthday, cool coconut bikini top and all!

You guys are so lucky to live so close to the beach, my kids have been wanting to move to California ever since we were down there in October. You are living the dream!

Matt & Stacy Woods said...

Hey, i love the picture of the kids by the golden gate! I totally remember swimming at the S.F. beaches even when it was overcast and freezing, cauz hey, when was it not freezing there. Also, how awesome that you swore in your post about the snowmoblie wrecking. Hee hee . maybe amy mentioned this, but I got inspired by her to do my personal history on a blog and am writing my 365 questions along with her and your mom and dad. it is "" check it out if you so desire. who knows, who might see yourself in one of the pictures! - let's meet up for lunch with no kids like in huntington beach or irvine or something? on a saturday or maybe a dinner when our hubbies are home already?? -s