Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My kids are smarter than I am...

Today, Allison asked if I would take her for a bike ride. Being that I've been super busy with 5th grade activities for Nate and Relief Society and PTA and all the other crap, I decided I could indulge her with a bike ride to the park and a picnic. I guess I should clarify that she wanted ME to ride the bike and pull her along in the bike trailer, so not really a bike ride for her. I was still game.

As I'm riding along, I heard her voice quietly tell me, "Mom, you should probably wear your helmet because if you fall and crack your head on the sidewalk, we'll have to go to the doctor and that won't be very fun." So true, so true.

Another thing that happened recently...
Our primary compiled a "cookbook" for mother's day. They asked all the kids in the primary what is their favorite food that their mom makes for them, and how does she make it? All three of my kids were asked at different times by different people, and yet they all gave the same answer: RAMEN.

Now, I don't profess to be any sort of great chef. I think I've got a few things going for me in the kitchen:
1. I enjoy cooking and don't see it as a dreadful chore (most of the time),
2. I can follow a recipe without too much difficulty, and
3. I have some great recipes that have been given to me by family and friends.

I know I don't CREATE anything, but RECREATE what others before me have had the talent to whip up. And I actually try to cater my menu to kid friendly meals, because I hate when I've spent the time and effort to cook and I get "ewwww, I hate this!" So I was a little surprised to see ramen as my best offering. Especially since I brought meatloaf back into the rotation and the kids LOVE meatloaf night. Guess they won't see that for awhile. Talk about ungrateful!

I should also add that they all knew exactly how to make ramen, but it is BRENT who makes ramen all the time.

Just when I think I'm figuring out this parenting gig...

Friday, May 9, 2008

Some quick fun

Some people forward around inspirational quotes, stories, etc. I like to share things that are funny, absurd or otherwise make me laugh. Click here to see ridiculous signs from around the world (but, not surprisingly, most of them are local.)

Thanks Betsy. You always find interesting stuff!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Heavenly Scent

I may not have tulips or daffodils, but I have this.

Star jasmine is one of my favorite scents. We had bunches of it growing at our home in Walnut Creek, and the smell of it reminds me of my happy, carefree childhood. Oh, to go back to those days...

We have a nice trellis of this growing outside our bedroom and family room windows. I love when I'm laying in bed or at the computer and I catch a whiff of it. I wish it would bloom all year long...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Three down, please no more to go.

So, I have just returned from the third funeral our ward has helped out with* since I've been in the Relief Society presidency. Three. Since January. Each person had lived a full life and it was their time to go. And yes it was a blessing to serve others. But please! No more! I'd much rather focus on the other things that are happening in threes, like the triple baby shower in a few weeks, or the three weddings in two weeks in June.

* It just doesn't sound right to say the ward has "thrown" or "put on" a funeral. Proper etiquette, please?

Saturday, May 3, 2008


In February, my brother Kirk and his family came to Southern California to go to Disneyland. I'm sure they had lots of fun, and if they started a blog (hint hint) we could all read about their adventures (hint hint) and see pictures from their trip (hint hint). Until then, my pictures will have to do.

By Saturday, they were ready to take a break from Disneyland, so we decided to meet at the beach and hang out for a bit. Now, the weather in Southern California is great, but it was February, so it was overcast and chilly. As we were leaving the house, I wondered if I should grab swimsuits and towels or at least a change of clothing. But it was so cold, I decided against it. The kids wouldn't want to swim in 60 degree weather, right?

Why did I not remember every single trip to the beach from when I was a child in San Francisco? No matter how cold it was, we ALWAYS ended up soaked from head to toe. And this trip was no different. They started out playing "chicken" with the waves, but within a few minutes, they were in. It was fun for awhile, but then the reality of the cold water and wind hit and the fun quickly turned to cold, wet, unhappy kids. Beach trip over!

Fortunately, Allison had snuck her swimsuit on underneath her clothes, so she had something dry for the drive to Target to grab some new clothes for Nate & Sarah so we could go out to dinner for Jake's birthday. We went to "Joe's Crab Shack" and my kids will swear it is their new favorite restaurant. I was impressed with the playstructure they had next to the outdoor dining area. Seriously, the best idea a restaurant has EVER had!

After the meal, Jake got the birthday treatment from the singing, choreographed dancing waitresses. He was a good sport about the whole situation.

It was time to say goodbye to the Livingstone's and Murdock's. We had a great time with you! Come back soon!