Thursday, October 25, 2007

Getting ready for Halloween

Sometimes I wonder which is more exciting for my kids - Halloween or Christmas. With the frenzied excitement of candy, candy, candy and costumes and pumpkin carving and decorating the house with spooky spider things, it's a close call. This year, we even bought a big fake spider, even though we have plenty of real spiders all year long...

And the real thing, right around the corner...

Last night was cub scouts and activity girls. Since both were short a leader, Brent and I got to fill in, which meant Allison got to participate in pumpkin decorating. She was VERY happy about that turn of events...

Sarah made a witch pumpkin. I'm not sure who has the scarier face...

When it was all over, they were happy with their pumpkins and had lots of fun.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Favorite Kenneth moment

This is for Heidi, Tyler and Drew after a late night explanation of why Kenneth is one of my favorite people on TV. Check out the facial expressions and sounds!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

This is a "happy" meal toy?!

So, today Allison and I went to the library for story time and then had to go to the laundramat to dry some sheets. (Our dryer has been broken off and on for a few months. It's getting very tiring to find alternate ways to get our laundry done. But that's a story for another day.) Anyway, I stopped at McDonald's to get her some food so we'd have time to run all our errands before having to get Sarah from school. I already have enough guilt that I'm letting her eat fast food crap way too often. (I did take her to story time, so I can't be THAT bad a mother, right?!) Then she asks me to open her toy, and this is it.

Have fun playing with your hooker on wheels doll, honey!

Allison's Ark

Allison had been playing happily in the bath for awhile last night. When I went it, this is what I found...

Monday, October 1, 2007

yuck yuck YUCK!!!

The past two weeks have been busy, but unremarkable. Homework, soccer practice, scouts, piano practice, etc. It's not super exciting, but it's our life. We have, however, had some DISGUSTING activity in the garage...

*** If the mention of rodents grosses you out, you might not want to read this post. ***

A few weeks ago, when Brent was out of town (of course!) Sammy started barking like crazy at something behind the bookcase by the garage. He's not a big barker, so I investigated. After some poking around and moving things to get a better look, I saw out of the corner of my eye a grey flash along the wall. It was really quick, and I couldn't see what it was or where it wound up, but I was sufficiently FREAKED OUT! We had a mouse about a year ago and I was a basket case. Rodents make me sick. Well, I called Brent and whined and complained. But we really had no idea what it was or where it was living.

About a week later, Sammy started barking at the garage door at night. So we suspected that's where the problem was. We poked around and hey, once we started looking, we saw quite a bit of little poops. Ugh! So so gross! From there, it went down hill. It gnawed through the container holding Sammy's food. Sammy started barking more at the door at night. We set out traps. Then, one time I opened the door and saw it, scurrying across the framing of the garage. I think once it knew it was seen, it got brave. I started seeing it EVERYTIME I opened the garage door at night. It was taunting me! "See me run around and poop in your garage? I laugh in your general direction!" At this point, I was loosing sleep at night, being disgusted at the knowledge that a rat was living the good life in MY garage.

On Saturday, my wonderful husband took EVERYTHING out of the garage to try and hunt it down. We were totally freaked out that we'd pull out a box or sleeping bag and have a rabid rat jump on our heads. Don't rats carry Hanta Virus? We had to put everything in plastic containers. I tripped on the clutter and cut my leg up pretty bad. But we still had no visible evidence of a nest or home. What is going on? Make it go away! Feeling frustrated, we left everything down on the floor, hoping we'd figure out a way to catch the nasty little...@#$*!!

Last night, Sammy was barking again like crazy at the door. I opened it up so he could bark at the rat. If nothing else, it makes me feel good that a big, angry sounding dog is barking at it. Maybe it will have a heart attack and die? Just please don't die inside the wall, die on the floor so you will be easy to dispose of. As I looked around, I saw not one, but TWO rats scamper along the rafters and duck behind the drywall behind the washing machine. Two rats in my garage?! I can't even describe how I felt at that moment. Just know a lot of four letter words were uttered. A LOT of four letter words.

Today, while doing the laundry, I decided to peek in the traps. I don't know why because for the past 5 days, they've been empty. Each time I look at the traps and they are empty, it's a huge let down. Why won't you die?! (By the way, we have 4 sticky traps, 2 regular snap traps and one $40 electronic shocker house trap. We are committed to killing these buggers. I did draw the line at the poison pellets. The only thing worse than a live rat running around the garage is a dead, decomposing, stinky rotting rat in the walls.) Sticky and snap traps were empty. But there was a dead rat in the shocker house! I've never been so happy and exciting to see something so gross in my life! Of course, I'm not going to touch the trap. Brent will dispose of it when he gets home. (Thank goodness for husbands who will do the dirty work.) But I have hope. One is dead. We will hunt down and kill the other(s?). I will be able to live in my house and not be freaked or grossed out. We will prevail!