Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sammy's new friend...maybe

The Zollingers got a chocolate lab puppy and it is SO darn cute! Jeanette brought him over to meet Sammy. Sammy's reaction was...unexpected. He didn't bark, didn't growl, didn't do much of anything but run away from him and get all slobbery. Seriously. Frothing at the mouth. After running around for a while, Sammy relented and let Oliver lay down and rest next to him. But don't get too comfortable around here, Sammy still claims alpha dog status.

Oliver just wanted to play, but Sammy wasn't so sure about the new intruder.

Ok, but you have to lay in the dirt box...

I'm surprised I didn't get more whining for a new puppy. Maybe they remember the year of finding chewed up toys all over the house.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Trick or Treating

Lest you think I only take pictures of Allison, here's proof that the other two exist.

Sarah was a witch and loved the green makeup. Check out how blue her eyes look!

Nate wasn't going to dress up at all, but a friend came through with a costume from last year. Look familiar? Yeah, Nate was an army guy last year, too.

Getting ready to score some loot.

Jeanette and I discovered that the mall was having trick or treating from 4-7 on Halloween. Given that both our husbands get home at 6:30 or so, we HOPED we'd be able to take the kids trick or treating at the mall and then stay home the rest of the night. Not so. We got the kids to the mall around 5 pm to discover that about 90% of the stores were "out of candy" or...never had any to begin with. They still had fun and we even indulged them with a carousel ride.

If you know my kids, you know how they get from point A to point B. Running and screaming. Allison's friends, Elijah and Spencer are certainly more cautious travelers. And they weren't getting to the free candy fast enough for Allison, so she grabbed their hands to speed things up a bit.

After they played on the climbing stuff in the food court, it was time to head home. The kids weren't at all satisfied with the amount of candy, so they convinced Brent to take them out again around the neighborhood. I would have resisted, but knew they'd come home with enough chocolate to keep me happy. That's what the holidays are all about, right?!

Pumpkin Carving

I should be more enthusiastic about the whole pumpkin thing. My kids LOVE it. When Nate was a baby, halloween wasn't complete without a half day trip to a pumpkin farm with pumpkins and a petting zoo and overpriced train ride and TONS of pictures. This year, despite Allison and Sarah's frequent requests to go get pumpkins, I grabbed 3 oddly misshapen pumpkins from the grocery store the day before halloween. I'm such a party pooper!

Sarah enjoyed getting the guts out...

Given my kids tendency towards accidents, injuries and spills, I insist that they draw the face on with a Sharpie pen and I do the carving. Hence no pictures of the kids happily wielding sharp knives. Here are the finished products.

Looking spooky that night.

Different party, different princess...

On Halloween, Allison's school had a parade. That morning she decided she wanted to be Cinderella. (A few days earlier, at the Halloween Party at church, she had been a unicorn, minus the horn, since all we had was an old horse costume from when Sarah was 4. Allison didn't seem to care that she was a hornless unicorn.) Luckily, we have a BUNCH of dress-up costumes from birthday parties, previous halloweens, and mom being a sucker and just buying princess dresses...

That afternoon, she wanted to be Sleeping Beauty.

These pictures crack me up. I didn't ask for "princess poses." This is how she smiled for the camera.

She was really exicted about the spider hats at the party...

And showing me her favorite toy in the classroom. Again, check out the pose...