Sunday, August 26, 2007

Vomit and diarrhea and tears, oh my!

So, we just got home from a trip to the cabin in Cedar City last night. I have lots of pictures to post, but I had to post this story first.

On Friday night, I woke up at 2 am to find Allison dry heaving in bed. (Throwing up at the cabin is really bad because the nearest washing machine is a 15 minute drive down the canyon to a laundromat. Not fun in the middle of the night.) Anyway, with amazing speed and agility, I swooped her up in my arms and we made it downstairs to the kitchen sink, where she promptly threw up. We then spent the next 1/2 hour in the bathroom, where she continued to empty the contents of her stomach. She finally went back to sleep, but I was a little worried. The thought of driving through the deserts between St. George, Las Vegas and Barstow to Long Beach in 100 degree heat with a 4 year old with diarrhea and barf issues was a little frightening. The warning period for those issues is about...nothing. One second she's talking to you, the next she's throwing up down your v-neck t-shirt. (Don't believe me? Keep reading.)

Anyway, she woke up Saturday morning acting like nothing had happened the night before. She was running, jumping and eating like her usual self. I was relieved. Brent had got a babysitter so we could go out that night, and I had considered staying an extra day to avoid having to get the car detailed when we got home. So we piled in the car and drove home. The kids were great in the car, and we made pretty good time. (No stops between Vegas and home, a new record!!) We got home and I even had some time to relax before the babysitter arrived.

Brent had asked the neighbor from across the street to come over, and it was her first time babysitting for us. I was all for using a new babysitter - she's close, she's super sweet, and she's even come over before just to play with the kids when Brent and I have been home. The kids like her, so I thought we'd sneak out no problem. However, when it comes to mom and dad leaving for the night, the kids are used to our regular babysitter. (They often ask if Rachel can come over so I'll leave. So nice to be appreciated!) Anyway, Allison was not happy. She suddenly was clingy and crying and didn't want me to go. As I was lovingly explaining that mommy and daddy really need alone time after being at the cabin all week long with the kids and no daddy, blah! Projectile vomit coming right at me. Down my shirt, in my hair, all over the place. As I mentioned before, there is no warning. It just comes at you outta nowhere. But thank goodness for small miracles! We hadn't been home for 2 hours when this happened. I can only imagine how horrible it would have been had this happened in the car!

So, it's Monday as I finish typing this post (remember how hard I have to fight for time on the computer?!) and Allison has been barf free for almost 24 hours. Enough time for me to tempt fate and take the kids to Wild Rivers waterpark tomorrow. Let's hope we don't close any rides!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Nevada: the lone and dreary world

On our way home from Utah, we decided to swing by Tyler and Nancy's place in Ruby Valley, Nevada. Being a TOTAL city girl, I can't imagine how my brother and his wife survive in such a remote location where the nearest grocery store is 1/2 hour away. I can't live without my regular Target fix! However, if you have horses and cows and tractors to play with, I imagine that keeps the kids occupied and happy. I know mine were. Mission accomplished. Maybe there is something to living in the country. Some of you may ask why Allison is naked in the picture with the cows. Do you know Allison? This is completely normal behavior for her.

The drive home, on the other hand, was torturous. The endless stretches of vast....nothingness. Vegas was almost a welcome sight, until you stepped out of the car into the 114 degree heat. Yeah, I know it's a dry heat. Still awful. The only thing I like about Nevada is that you can speed like heck to get through it!

The start of our summer

When we had both sets of grandparents leave on missions, I promised myself I would write often to keep them abreast of events in our lives. It's now the middle of August, and I haven't written anyone yet! Part of the problem is that I have to fight the kids for computer time - they don't want to give up playing Nick Jr. or Chuzzle (thanks Grandma B, we're now all hooked on Chuzzle!) The other factor is that we've been busy, and try to spend as little time as possible in the sweatbox we call home. So here are (hopefully if I can figure this out) a few pictures from the start of our summer vacation.

Although Sarah's birthday was in March, we postponed her baptism until our June trip to Utah. We were really glad we did, because that way almost all of her cousins were able to be there for her special day. It was a great day and we are so glad she made the decision to be baptized. One of my favorite memories of the day was right after Sarah came out of the water, cousin Megan excitedly exclaimed, "That's AWESOME!" It was cute that Megan was so happy for Sarah.

You can read about Megan and her adventures in her blog:

Knowing that we might not get to Utah much with both sets of grandparents gone, we headed to the cabin for some rest and relaxation. It's such a beautiful spot, and we have so much fun there. We went on MANY atv rides, spent time feeding the horses, and Nate learned how to shoot a BB gun (but fortunately, not his eye out.)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Welcome to our blog!

A couple of family members and friends started blogs recently, and it seems like such a great way to keep in touch with all our family and friends that we love but are too lazy to write to. Hopefully, there will be semi-regular posts and pictures on what's going on in Long Beach. Promise to post more later, but the buzzer is beeping for dinner!