Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Red Rock Relay

It's a scary day when you realize you want to put something on your blog and you don't even remember your own blog address. It's been too long, and there's so much to catch up on. But Heidi and I shared an amazing experience this weekend, so know that I second everything she has to say about the Red Rock Relay.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary

15 years

Thanks for sharing your anniversary with us, mom and dad.
We love you.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Oh, where to begin? Are you ever so far behind on something that you feel too overwhelmed to even start? That's how I've been feeling about my blog lately. I love it. I'm sorry I've neglected it. I hope it (and you) will forgive me and let me catch up.

We had a GREAT summer. (I can say that now that a few months have passed and the kids are all nicely settled in school for 5 to 7 hours a day. I probably didn't feel like it was so great in the middle of July. Isn't it nice what a few months and a terrible memory will do?) Here are some pictures of the things we did.

Griffith Park
We started the summer with a trip to Griffith Park. The observatory had been closed for a few years, and when it reopened, it was so busy we didn't want the hassle of crowds, reservations, etc. So it had been a long time since we had been there. It's a beautiful place with amazing architectural details.

That's the "Hollywood" sign in the background. Sometimes I forget we have some pretty cool landmarks so close to us.

I love how curious they were about everything there.

We went up to the roof of the observatory. Fifteen summers ago, Brent took me to the roof of the observatory on a Friday night and told me he loved me. A few weeks later, we went back again. He made arrangements for us to be on the roof after the park closed, and he proposed. I like the roof of Griffith Observatory.

Horse Rides
A good friend from our ward, Amy Rex, made arrangements for the kids to go to a friends home and ride her horses. The kids had a great time.

This picture is so Nate, trying to figure it all out.

Adventure Playground
All the years we've lived in southern California, I had heard about "Adventure Playground" in Huntington Beach, but we had never been. There was always a kid who wasn't old enough. This year we finally went, and wouldn't you know it, Nate had scout camp that week. He is probably the kid who would have enjoyed it the most all these years, and he missed out. If you have kids who like to build and/or get muddy, this is a GREAT place.

Dog Beach
Well, summer wouldn't be summer without a trip to the beach. Poor Sammy doesn't get much attention, so we decided to kill two birds with one stone and take Sammy to the beach with us. Bad idea.
Sammy isn't much of a "social dog." When I take him to the dog park, he gets really nervous and tense, and refuses to drink out of any communal water bowl, so he winds up with all this saliva around his mouth and looks like a huge, rabid, nervous pit bull. Not the most friendly looking sight. The funny thing is, I can tell he is scared to death, but his looks scare the bejesus out of everyone else. The dog beach wasn't too different from the dog park.

The kids had a good time playing at the beach until I realized how doggy potty issues were handled at the beach. Ugh, how much dog pee is in that pile of sand?

This is how the afternoon ended. Notice how happy Allison looks? Did I mention that Sammy marked his territory? And by "territory" I mean the back of a nice woman who was sitting on the beach, watching her dog frolick in the waves. Yeah, we haven't been back.

Dad builds the kids a tree house. Well, sorta.
Ever since we moved into this house, the kids have been asking if we could build a tree house. The problem is, we don't really have a good tree for a tree house. That didn't stop them from asking over and over again. When we explained that our trees were just not strong enough and/or didn't have a big enough space for a tree house, Allison asked if we could take her apple seeds and plant a tree so we could build a tree house next year. So finally (I think just to get them to stop asking) Brent decided a tree platform would do.

We like to think of it as our little vacation cottage...

Japanese Gardens
I had heard about this great Japanese Garden by our house, but we had never had time to check it out. One Sunday Brent had meetings all afternoon and I thought it would be a nice, "enjoy God's creations" type of activity. It was so peaceful and beautiful. Of course, my kids were running around, destroying the sense of calm and quiet.

We took a last trip to the beach before school started, and it was a perfect day. Seriously. The kids all got along well, the weather was beautiful, the beach was hardly crowded at all.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Birthday wishes...

Allison has always been obsessed with her birthday. She's always planning the next birthday party, who's invited (and who's not), what she wants to do, and most importantly, what she wants to get. Tonight, as she was drifting off to sleep, she was again making plans. She asked if I thought Jesus could come to her birthday, and would he bring her something good. So I asked what "something good" would be. "Maybe he could bring me a lizard. Or a box of steaks."

I have a feeling that no matter what we do for her, it's going to be a letdown. I mean, what could beat a lizard? Or a box of steaks?

Monday, September 15, 2008

I know, I know. I owe you all of summer and the first days of school, too. I thought life would slow down once the kids are in school, but it has only got eight times more crazy.

Brent found this and we both got a laugh out of it. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Or that it describes our lives in ANY way, shape or form.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Grandma's 90th Birthday

In May, my grandma turned 90. My aunt and uncles decided that turning 90 was an important milestone, so they decided to throw her a big birthday party. With my dad and mom in Africa, and all their children living at least a 12 hour drive away, Grandma figured none of us would be able to attend. But my brothers and sisters decided to travel from Long Beach, Philadelphia, San Antonio and Utah to Lethbridge, Alberta to surprise her. I think you can see from her expression that we succeeded!
After a delicious lunch with many cousins I haven't seen in a while, we got to pose with the birthday girl.
Back row: Kirk, Tyler, Kevin and Drew
Front row: Shannon, Kendra, Grandma, Amy, Heidi

The party was lots of fun. My grandma and grandpa have lived in Lethbridge for many years and are very involved in church and the community. There were so many people who came to see my grandma and tell her how much they love her. Lots of people came up and told me mischevious stories about my dad when he was a kid.
After the party, we headed over to the cemetary to see grandpa's headstone.
Then we went to another FABULOUS Lethbridge hangout, Bridge Valley Golf. My grandpa and grandma own this small golf course. It was always fun to visit the golf course as a kid and hit balls on the driving range (trying to see who could also hit the tractor that collected the balls) and more important, get a free soda and candy from the snack shop. Grandpa always had a sweet tooth, and always made sure his grandkids were treated right! We got a few buckets of balls and had fun!
Tyler, making it look easy.

Kendra is stylish doing ANYTHING.
I took a few shots, having NO CLUE what I was doing.
She's still got it at 90!

More shots from the golf course:

Why Bridge Valley Golf got it's name.
(I lifted this picture from my brother, who is a much better photographer than I am.)

My grandma is an incredible woman. She has been such an incredible example of hard work while having fun, love and kindness. Love you grandma!